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Character Relationships

Yakumo and Binka - Binka lost both her parents and turns to Yakumo as a mother figure. Binka admires Yakumo considerably and will do almost anything for her. Yakumo returns this by treating Binka with great kindness and a motherly tenderness.

Yakumo and "The Blimp, the Wimp and the Shrimp" - Yakumo sees Kutal, Sago and Mushra as only friends (sorry to disappoint those of you who are diehard Yakumo and Mushra followers) and loves them each dearly. Her favorite is obviously Mushra though. Kutal holds Yakumo in great esteem, Sago adores her from afar and Mushra loves her.
The One She LOVES Is Mushrambo!

Binka and the Guys - Binka has to keep Mushra, Sago and Kutal in check as they have a tendency to get sidetracked from getting to Yakumo. By sidetracked I am referring to such activities as gambling, a small bazooka shot usually remedies this and gets them back on track. In return the guys protect Binka just as they would Yakumo, Sago taking upon himself a more fatherly role as he understands her need to feel that she is in control. Kutal and Binka don't see eye-to-eye at first as Binka refuses to believe that he is the one that she is looking for. Once she realizes that he is the one she gains a new respect for him. Like Yakumo, Binka holds a special place in her heart reserved for Mushra.

Mushra, Sago and Kutal - Typical males they spend their time arguing over who is the best and often end up clowning around. Dedicated to the protection of Yakumo they work well together as a team and are perfect for the Mushrambo triad.

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