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Ask Mushra And Co.

Many Enterrans and Humans can't afford the Enterra Journal or the Earth Times, so they can't ask the writers of the advice column for help. So where do they turn to for wisdom? Why, Mushra And Co. of course! Below, Mushra sorts out cries for help from various Enterrans And Humans. He might even solve one of yours...but I'm promising nothing.

Send Your Questions And/Or Cries For Help To Us

Do you have any pictures of Yakumo without clothes on or links to sites that do?  I'm being black-mailed and unless I get some soon this guy will expose my secret.  Please you gotta help me?

I'm not even gonna attempt to answer this one, no actually, I will, How Dare You!! Asking for pics of Yakumo, have you any respect for her, I don't care if you're being blackmailed, you Baka Ecchi Hentai!!!
But if it means that much to you, I'll help you out...sort of...
In the episode, "Long Live Yakumo" there is a flashback when the gaurdians are talking about entrusting the power in Yakumo, that screenshot is all you deserve, I'm not going to tell you the episode that screenshot is from, that you'll have to find out yourself!!

hi i just wanted to know if you could tell me the story of the shinzo cartoon i have found it pretty awesome and i missed a few of the starting episodes and missed the story so if you could send it to me it would be nice thanks please email back

Anyone whose seen any episode of Shinzo, should know the plot line, so I'll give you a quick summary, think you can handle that, ok, here goes!
The story is about the last human on earth now called En-Terra ( En=Engineered, Terra=Another name for earth)
Her name is Yakumo, after being in a 500 year stasus, she wakes to find Enterrans have taken over Earth and that all humans have been eliminated, but with a glimmer of hope, she sets out with three kind hearted Enterrans, Myself (Mushra), Sago And Kutal, Whose combined power, can create Mushrambo, The Ultimate Warrior, to find the the civilisation where humans hide from the Enterrans that resort of Human life.....SHINZO!!!