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As I Said The Show Is About Yakumo,Mushra,Sago And Kutal Trying To Find Shinzo But Here I'll Tell A Bit More!!!

Mushra's Encard - Property Of Domain Of Enterra

Sago's Encard - Property Of Domain Of Enterra

Kutal's Encard - Property Of Domain Of Enterra

I've Told You What Shinzo Is About But This Section I'll Tell You About The EnCards.
The EnCards Are What Give An Enterran The Ability To Go To Hyper X Mode...For An Enterran To Get EnCards...He/She Must Defeat Another Enterran In Battle...And Litteraly Turn The Opponent Into A Card.

Mushrambo; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This Isn't An EnCard...Its Just A Pic Which I Thought Was Cool.

How To Use EnCards

When An Enterran Defeats Another And EnCards His/Her Opponent...In The Next Battle That The Enterran Is In He/She Can Use The Encard(s) To Gain More Power...Or Advance To The Next Stage Of Hyper.To Absorb The Power..The Enterran Litteraly Sucks The Cards Into Its System Either Through The Mouth Or Chest.