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Character Dictionary

Airis - This shape-shifting Kadrian appears in the second timeline of Shinzo and causes a great deal of problems for Binka, Mushra, Sago and Kutal. His molten steel form and ability to turn into anything proves to be a formidable challenge for the 3 Enterrans who are just getting used to the fact that they are Hyper-Enterrans. Airis works for the evil Lanancuras, he and another Kadrian (Lunar) seek to set him free from his meteor prison.

Big Blue - Is an evil Enterran who features in only Episode 3 ('Web Of Evil'). He is a buffed-up bug Enterran who with his brother, kidnaps Yakumo for the sole purpose of gaining immortality after devouring her.

Binka - A feisty red-haired Human kid who appears in the second timeline. Yakumo enlisted her to track down Mushra, Sago and Kutal to give them back their jewels to fight Lanancuras. Typical red head, she has a short temper and will fight to help her friends.

Bird People - Led by Rusephine, they appear in the last Episode's of the first timeline.

Bonga - A giant bull Enterran that only appears in Episode 15 ('Mechano City'). He is an antagonist of Mushra's and is later seen in King Nipper's palace. He wins the "King Nipper Prize" and is carded by Caris and then absorbed into another card.

Caris - A bird Warrior who through force has made King Nipper do what he wants. After absorbing a very powerful EnCard which has many different Enterrans in it, he becomes all powerful and cards Sago, Kutal and finally Mushra. His first appearance is in Episode 15 ('Mechano City').

Celestial Guardians - Immortal Beings that are supposed to protect the galaxy. The strongest of these being Mushra who gave up his immortality to keep Lanancuras at bay. They first appear in the second timeline.

Cyasa - Prince of the Reptile People. Cyasa manages to put Yakumo into a stone-state and throws her into a pool of acid. He has the ability to shed his skin and whenever a killing blow is dealt, he sheds and is made more powerful. Cyasa successfully cards both Kutal and Sago in their Hyper-Forms and ultimately is the reason why Mushra gains the ability to become Mushrambo. After Cyasa goes head-to-head with Mushrambo, he is destroyed.

Daku - The King of Insects is first mentioned in Episode 3 ('Web Of Evil'), first seen in Episode 4 ('Day At The Park') at the very end, although he is not mentioned by name and finally introduced in Episode 5 ('Kiri'). King Daku pieces together a little bit more of Yakumo's history. The last time that King Daku is seen is Episode 6 ('Battling Daku') although there are later flashback scenes which involve him later on in the series. His EnCard enables Hacuba to open a Spacial Sub-Core Portal. It is also discovered during the Rusephine Saga that Daku is one of the 7 Generals which led the fight against Humanity.

Enterrans - Genetically Engineered Beings whose DNA consists of Insects, Animals and Humans. They were created to combat a DNA virus that was wiping out Humanity. Enterrans eventually took over the Earth and renamed it Enterra. They are extremely superstitious and fear Humans and see Yakumo as a source of destruction. In the second timeline, Humans and Enterrans live together in peace.

Estee - The feline niece of Kutal's. Out of the 3 kittens, Estee appears to be the dominant one.

Flymen - These Enterrans appear in Episode 1 ('Awakening') and they are the ones that control the closest source of petroline which Hacuba desperately needs. Naturally suspicious of Yakumo, they openly refuse to deal with any outsiders until a tragedy makes them change their mind. However, finding out that Yakumo is Human makes them switch sides again and give the first insight into Enterran hatred of Humans.

Grandora - A 3-headed Dragon that is under the control of Ryuma. Grandora shoots Ice-Venom from each head and first appears in Episode 13 ('Ryuma Lord Of The Reptiles'). Grandora is killed by Dark Mushrambo who is under the influence of the Black Card and his EnCard is absorbed by Ryuma. This happens in Episode 14 ('The Dark Spirit Of Destruction').

Hacuba - The Robot-Dragon Pod which kept Yakumo in a cold-sleep type state for 500yrs. Hacuba serves to keep Yakumo safe from harm and has many useful features which aid in this process as well as being Yakumo's main source of transportation. First seen in Episode 1 ('Awakening'), Hacuba often needs energy after performing heavy energy depletion tasks such as opening the Spacial Sub-Core Portal. Hacuba uses the EnCards which Yakumo gains on her quest to aid in the progress.

Humans - The good old Human Race was the dominant species on Planet Earth until a catastrophic event of a DNA virus started to wipe them out. Humans were the creators of both the Robots and the Enterrans and were eventually wiped out by their genetic creation. Reputedly there are Humans at a sanctuary named Shinzo in the first timeline, which Yakumo is searching for. Humans are thought to be extremely evil and Enterrans fear them deeply. The second timeline however, sees Human's and Enterrans living in peace with one another.

Hunting Beings - Kutal mistakes these Enterrans for Honey Beings who are very good-natured, Hunting Beings on the other hand have short tempers and are prone to violence. They only appear in Episode 2 ('Bee-Ware The Hunter').

Kadrians - The new form of evil in the second timeline of Shinzo. Quadroons are stronger than Enterrans. There are two main differences between Enterrans and Kadrians. Firstly, Kadrians are all shape-shifters and secondly they were not created by Humans. Kadrians are off-worlders who seek to destroy and enslave other inhabitants of Planets in order to find a new home as their Planet was destroyed by the meteor which later hit Earth.

Katai - This Enterran has the power to transform and was used to trick Yakumo and later Mushra, although the later ploy failed. First and last seen in Episode 6 ('Battling Daku'), Katai is carded by Daku and his power absorbed. Katai's last words to Daku is begging him not to card him.

Katris - A flying bounty hunter chasing after Yakumo. First seen in Episode 1 ('Awakening'), Mushra manages to fight him off only to have him return at the end. Last seen in Episode 2 ('Bee-Ware The Hunter'), Hyper-Mushra lets him go at Yakumo's insistence and then returns to fight Mushra after he has fought the Hunting Being Queen. Katris uses the Queen's card and is ultimately carded by Mushra.

Kiri - A small Human girl who is absolutely terrified of Enterrans. Kiri is actually the shape-shifted form of Katai. In the form of Kiri, Katai successfully turns Yakumo against Mushra, Sago and Kutal and leads her into "Shinzo" which in reality turns out to be King Daku's palace. Kiri is first seen in Episode 5 ('Kiri') and last seen in Episode 6 ('Battling Daku') where her true nature is revealed.

Kutal - The giant cat Enterran who travels with Yakumo as her protector. He is the carrier of the Earth Gem which lets him use 'Eye of the Lion' to go Hyper. He also is part of the triad that forms Mushrambo. First appearing in Episode 1 ('Awakening'), Kutal is seen to be a great connoisseur of food who seems to be more interested in eating Yakumo. Episode 2 ('Bee-Ware The Hunter') sees him as a rather shady character who claims to know the location of Shinzo. Part way through he finds himself protecting Yakumo and later on, officially joins the team. Episode 3 ('Web Of Evil') is the first time that Kutal goes Hyper. Out of the 3, he is the strongest ad attacks with brute force. He loves his nephews and niece and protects both them and Yakumo at all costs. The second timeline sees him as a chef with the need to be accepted into the group, Binka refuses to believe that he is "the" Kutal and it is by accident that he receives his jewel.

Lanancuras - The most dangerous and powerful of the bad guys in the entire series. Lanancuras is the leader of the Kadrians and appears in the second timeline as the main antagonist. Once the protector of the Milky Way, he turns to evil as vices such as greed grip him. Imprisoned in the meteor, that crashed to Earth, by the Celestial Guardians he is kept there by Yakumo until he eventually breaks free. He takes the jewels from Mushra, Sago and Kutal and kills Mushra. He is finally destroyed by Mushra in his Celestial-Guardian-Form with the aid of the rest of the Celestial Guardians.

Lenaria - Another Kadrian who seeks to free Lanacuras from his prison. Lenaria is a female Kadrian who is even stronger than Ilas and sees him only as a failure in his death.

Mushra - Technically the strongest of the Mushrambo triad, he uses Sago's and Kutal's EnCards and energy to form the great warrior. First seen in Episode 1 ('Awakening'), Mushra is the first to join Yakumo on her quest. Not much is known at this point how Mushra and Yakumo met. This same Episode sees Mushra go Hyper and also shows his relationship with Yakumo. His main concern is her safety. Episode 4 ('Day At The Park') tells the story of how he and Yakumo met. Episode 6 ('Battling Daku'), Mushra knows which Yakumo is which, and it is discovered that he has a crush on Yakumo. This is significant as in the second timeline, Mushra goes out of his way to do things for Yakumo. Gifted with the Fire Gem, Mushra uses Hyper-Flame to go into his Hyper-Mode. Although Mushra is often identified with a Hawk, I prefer to see him as a Phoenix as he has a tendency to rise from the ashes. Mushra gives up his life to save Enterra from Lanancuras although the Celestial Guardians grant him a chance to see all the good he has done. Mushra's courage says it all.

Mushrambo - The Ultimate Enterran Warrior. There are 4 forms of Mushrambo and these are as follows:

Dark Mushrambo This is the combination of Mushra, Sago and Kutal and the Black Card created by the scientist Unga. Supposedly under the control of Ryuma, Dark Mushrambo proves to be too powerful. First appearing in Episode 13 ('Ryuma The Lord Of The Reptiles'), he is last seen in Episode 14 ('The Dark Spirit Of Destruction') where Yakumo breaks the hold of the Black Card.

Evil Mushrambo The original Mushrambo was one of the Seven Generals that fought against the Humans. Inside him were the 3 jewels that Mushra, Sago and Kutal now possess. This Mushrambo caused the destruction of Shinzo and the last Humans, Dr. Tatsuro and nearly Yakumo. He was destroyed by chibi Yakumo as he was about to kill her. Later Evil Mushrambo appears in the Rusephine Saga.

Golden Mushrambo Formed by Mushra, Sago and Kutal after their absorption of the Egg Cards. Golden Mushrambo carries the Reversion Blade and is a stronger form of Mushrambo.

Mushrambo The combination of Mushra, Sago and Kutal. First appearing in the Cyasa Saga, he only appeared after Hyper-Mushra watched Kutal and Sago get carded. During Episode 14 ('The Dark Spirit Of Destruction') it is discovered that Mushrambo loves Yakumo.

Nipper - The King of the Robots People whose first appearance is in Episode 15 ('Mechano City'). Nipper sells his services to Caris and provides him with EnCards. It is later discovered that Nipper was actually Dr. Tatsuro's assistant in the creation of Hacuba. Nipper knows Yakumo and eventually loses his life for aiding her. He also kept the Egg Cards safe for Mushra, Sago and Kutal.

Queen Of The Hunting Beings - Episode 2 ('Bee-Ware The Hunter') sees the first female antagonist. The Queen acquires Yakumo because she wants to eat her. Another one of the old legends regarding Humans is that by eating one, one will gain great beauty.

Robots - Created by the Humans in an effort to build and in general make Human life easier. Sago retells the history of Robots and Enterrans in Episode 15 ('Mechano City'). During the wars between Humans and Enterrans, Robots sided with their creators and after the Human Race was destroyed, the Robots disappeared.

Rusephine - Queen of the Bird People and one of the Seven Generals. Using her power over time, Rusephine is able to bring back Evil Mushrambo in order to absorb her EnCard after she had absorbed the 3 remaining Generals EnCards (Daku and Ryuma are not included as Hacuba has these). Unfortunately for her, the plan fails and Evil Mushrambo cards her then absorbs her EnCard as well as the 3 others. Rusephine is also the reason behind the time bubble which creates the second timeline.

Ryuma - The most sleaziest character in all of Shinzo. Ryuma is the Lord of the Reptile People and was one of the Seven Generals. He takes off with Yakumo for the sole purpose of taking her as a bride. Ryuma tells Yakumo that he has planted visions of the future in her mind of what is to come. Like the biblical snake, he tempts her into giving up her peaceful way of life and kill him. He also orders the creation of the Black Card and uses it to enslave Mushrambo into Dark Mushrambo. Later Dark Mushrambo kills Ryuma. First appearing in Episode 13 ('Ryuma Lord Of The Reptiles') and last in Episode 14 ('The Dark Spirit Of Destruction').

Sago - Sago is the last of the Mushrambo triad and carries the Water gem, using Hydro-Power to turn into a Hyper-Enterran he kinda resembles a Water Spirit. Sago is the nice-guy criminal element. He first appears in Episode 1 ('Awakening') and Mushra eludes to his background. He first goes Hyper in Episode 3 ('Web Of Evil'). Obviously the romantic out of the 3, he brings his power of speed to Mushrambo. Enamored by Yakumo, he often blushes when she commends him. His love of money is seen in both Episode 1 and 4 ('Day At The Park'). In the second timeline Sago is seen to be a gambler and a thief. Ultimately he loves his friends and it can be seen where he is prepared to fight and protect.

Seven Generals - These were the top 7 Enterrans that fought in the Human and Enterran wars. Only 4 of the Seven Enterran Generals ever turn up in the first timeline, the other 3 only appearing as EnCards.

Tambo - This giant centipede creature features in Episode 4 ('Day At The Park'). Tambo seeks to destroy Yakumo because she is a Human. Mushra cards Tambo but does not destroy the actual card, instead it is offered to Yakumo.

Tatsuro, Dr. - Yakumo's scientist father who placed her in suspended animation for what was supposed to be 50yrs but turned into 500. He loved Yakumo very much and put her into cold sleep to benefit the Enterrans and any remaining Humans. Appearing only as a voice in flashbacks, Dr. Tatsuro is first heard in Episode 1 ('Awakening') and throughout the first timeline reciting Yakumo's mission. Later on he is seen and it is recounted how he died. Evil Mushrambo killed him as he tried to protect Yakumo.

Tatsuro, Yakumo - The lead character. Like the symbol of the dove, Yakumo herself is a creature of peace. Yakumo is the last surviving Human in a hostile world and in the first timeline her quest is to try and find more like herself. Inside of Yakumo is a special gem which gives her special powers. This gem is like the one's that Mushra, Sago and Kutal have. As the pacifist, Yakumo often comes to blows with Mushra over the way that he treats some of the enemies that they encounter. The second timeline shows Yakumo in a more mothering role to Binka and the inhabitants of Enterra. Becoming drained of her gems energy in trying to keep Lanancuras trapped, Yakumo eventually succumbs to death and is finally able to reach Shinzo.

Unga - The wizened female scientist who creates the Black Card for Ryuma. Finding this choice to eventually be her downfall, Unga offers Yakumo a solution to destroying Dark Mushrambo. First appears in Episode 13 ('Ryuma Lord Of The Reptiles') and is last seen in Episode 14 ('The Dark Spirit OF Destruction').

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