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Welcome To The Domain Of Enterra!

Fox Kids has announced their 2001-2002 line-up including an anime type show called Shinzo, described as:
In classic anime style, Shinzo tells the story of humankind being replaced by genetically engineered evil creatures called Enterrans. A young girl named Yakumo is the last existing human on Earth. Yakumo befriends Mushra, Sago and
Kutal, three good-hearted Enterrans. These three earthling friendly Enterrans use their transformation capabilities to protect the group as they strive for their common goal, to locate Shinzo where the key to the Earth's restoration is

On This Site I Will Have Tons Of Pics..And I Have Info About The Characters...And Soon I'll Have An Episode Guide.

Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

Mushra With EnCard

I'm Kai!  Cold, but not too cold!
Kai - Cold and nasty... at least until the end.

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